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Birthdate:Aug 31
This is a character journal, played by [personal profile] absolutecolor

Some info on the character for those unfamiliar with the fandom:
Name:Abarai Renji [Last First]
Age:His creator says he's 150 and looks like he's 15 (does he?)
Birthday:August, 31
Height:188 cm
Weight:78 kg
Location:Soul Society, Bleach's 'other world'; here, he lives(?) in Seireitei (Court of Pure Souls), the 'VIP' zone of their world.
Occupation:Shinigami (God of Death): he sends souls of dead people to Soul Society and fights ugly evil monsters that want to eat them. He's a Vice-Captain of the Gotei 13 (the Shinigami army)
Brief Description:In everyday life Renji tends to be loud, boisterous, somehow unrefined, sometimes smug. When it comes to training or fighting, though, he's very focused and doesn't fear neither sacrifice nor hard work. He also tends to think poorly of himself, often comparing himself to a stray dog.
Miscellanea:- Though he's just a Vice-Captain, early in the story he achieved Bankai, the final release of his Zanpakuto (Soul Cutter Sword), which makes him Captain-level and thus one of the strongest person of his world.
- His sword has a spirit of its own (like every other in the series), Hihio Zabimaru, a White Baboon with a snake tail.
- Though he's really proficient with his sword, he sucks at Kido, the brand of magic typically used by Bleach's Shinigami.
- Before he became a Shinigami, he lived in one of the poorest districts of Rokungai (Wandering Soul City) together with his childhood friend.
- Each one of his tattoo symbolizes a goal he reached.
Something for castmates:
Don't mind his obvious feelings for Rukia. This poor man needs breasts in his life, and preferably someone he can hug without having to kneel down. So, if a meme prompts for something romantic -ranging from smut to purely platonic- he's game.

General preferences
- For smut and shipping in general I prefer M/F.
I may consider M/M, but at least this condition has to be met: not actual penetration; there's enough M/M about him in the fanfiction world (as I said, he deserves some breasts).
- I'd prefer playing with characters I know at least a little, which means mostly manga characters. Then again, 'prefer' doesn't mean others options are out of the question.
- As far as kinks go, I'm open to almost everything; watersports, bondage, sadomasochism and various other BDSM practices are generally fine with me; for more extreme things like gore, scarnification etc..., ask, and if your character calls for it we may work something up
- Pure vanilla is fine as well.
- For smut, kids and anything under the age of consent are an absolute NO. No Loli or Shota, either.

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